UNICEF - A picture of the mental health of adolescents in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Current research suggests that mental health in young people is declining. Recent data indicate that depressive disorders are the main cause of morbidity among 15- 19 year-olds, followed by anxiety disorders. In Switzerland, prevalence rates for depression range between 9.7% and 23.9% for females and from 3.6% to 12.9% for males, while for anxiety, it oscillates between 13.6% and 17.3% for females and 9.1% and 12.5& for males, depending on the type of sample, the age group, and the screening instrument used.

The objectives of this research are:

  • (1) To assess the prevalence of mental health disorders (depression and/or anxiety) among adolescents (14-19 year-olds) in Switzerland and Liechtenstein;
  • (2) To identify individual, family, social and environmental factors associated to these disorders.